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$2000 off Roof Replacement

For the first 25 roofs in January!

In this short video, the team at Roof It Right explains our work process and how we represent YOUR best interests. For a roof you can truly count on, whether you have a insurance claim or not.

More Than Just a Roof
Over Your Head.

A Roof You Can COUNT On.

Roof It Right is a locally owned top-rated roofing company serving Louisville, KY, and surrounding communities. We fight the low roofing standards in the industry. We fix problems that others can’t.

Roof It Right uses the Right Products,
the Right Process, and the Right People
for the Best Results

More than just roofing, we are dedicated to safety and quality.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement after storm damage when damage is past repair.

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From gutter cleanouts to gutter installation, gutter repairs, and gutter replacement, we do it all.

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Keep your chimney leak free with chimney repair services and chimney caps.

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Homeowner’s Education

Learn about your roofing system, storm damage, insurance claims, and much more from Roof It Right, the Education Roofer!

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Insurance Claims Specialists

We pride ourselves on helping homeowners successfully file insurance claims – without compromising the integrity of your roof!

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Why Choose Roof It Right?

At Roof It Right, we know that everyone needs more than a roof over their heads. You need a roof that you can count on.

So how can you protect yourself from low roofing standards, premature leaks, and roof-related frustration?

Count on us to help you roof it right all the way with a team that cares, customer education, and complete customer service.

  • WE ALWAYS FOLLOW OUR MAIN POLICY: TO DO IT RIGHT! Satisfaction guaranteed!! Pay after completion.
  • We are a local and family-owned business that is always here to take care of you; the money stays in our community. And our lower overhead keeps us AFFORDABLE.
  • We are certified with most major roofing manufacturers providing better warranties and carry a solid level of General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation.
  • Our Customer Service is exceedingly higher than the average small business providing IMMEDIATE RESPONSE.
  • We patiently guide you through the complicated insurance claim process for the best results. 

“We’re Roof It Right because
if we did it any other way,
we’d be just like everyone else!”

The top of a roof with new shingles
Home with brown roof repair

The Right Products

Whatever style of roofing material that you prefer, your project manager will help you make the right choice for your home. You can also browse some of the products that we recommend on our Products page.

The important thing is that your roofing system has ALL the products that it needs to work correctly, not just shingles. That includes a sound roof deck, proper gutters, gutter covers, flashing, drip edge, underlayment, and moisture barrier, as well as adequate ventilation and insulation. If any of these roofing terms are new to you, head on over to our roofing education page. 

Regardless of how much you know about roofs or construction, we promise to be completely transparent. And if you care to learn, we love to share what we know! Most importantly, we won’t cut corners or reuse products without your knowledge.

The Right Process

Many roofing contractors hire subcontractor crews without bothering to supervise the project or to double check quality standards. Therefore, we only use select subcontractors with whom we have an established relationship. Additionally, we always have a Roof It Right supervisor/advisor on hand for each project. These steps facilitate open communication between crews, homeowners, and Roof It Right management.

We have a quality control system that involves job supervision, regular inspections, photograph documentation, training, and reporting systems. As a result, our crews know that we take safety seriously and expect them to abide by OSHA standards at all times. In addition, our supervisors ensure that all crew members follow codes and regulations and never sacrifice quality for production.

Home with roof being replaced
Sergei Churbanov owner of Roof It Right Louisville

The Right People

At Roof It Right, we are proud of the team atmosphere that we have created. We invest in our People. From the office staff to the installers, we give our team members the resources they need to help homeowners succeed in roofing it right. We provide regular training on products and installation and, of course, safety. Everyone at Roof It Right knows that high-quality workmanship and safety are priorities.

Many roofing companies are owned by businessmen that have never installed a roof themselves. In contrast, Roof It Right was founded by owners Sergei & Simone Churbanov, residents of Louisville, Kentucky since 2012. Sergei himself started out as an installer in Illinois in 2007. He and his wife formed Roof It Right in 2008 in Oklahoma.

Sergei is still actively involved in many projects hands-on and supervises most of the projects in one way or another. Even after becoming a verified employer, Sergei roofed a good many homes from start to finish entirely by himself. His wife Simone actively supervises the safety department and the financial well-being of the company. Together, they imbue that same industry and self-sacrificing spirit to the team from the office to the production, customer care, and insurance supplement claims departments.

We Are Local – A Roofing Company in Louisville Kentucky

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