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The Roof It Right Story

Quality Customer Service

The Roof It Right Story

Roof It Right’s legacy began locally when Sergei & Simone Churbanov saw the need for better customer service in the Louisville roofing industry. 
Customers often told them that they found it difficult to get a hold of their roofing contractors whenever there was a problem.
It seemed that roofers were too scared to answer their old customer’s calls, not wanting to know what problems had surfaced. Or, they were fly-by-night roofers that had swept into town once after a storm, never to return. Worse yet, the poor roofing contractor had gone out of business.
Sergei and Simone saw a chance to be different: local, reliable, and trustworthy.
They vowed to always answer the phone and stand behind their company’s work. Full satisfaction was the motto.
“It was always my mission statement, “ says Sergei, “to take care of my customers and do business thinking about my name, my reputation.” 
And so Sergei, Simone, and son Pascha (future CEO), pulled up roots from Oklahoma and transferred Roof It Right to Louisville in 2013. They remain committed to providing the best customer service possible right here in Bourbon country. 
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