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Skylight Repair

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Did you know?

A properly installed skylight should not leak.

Many people have problems with their skylights and some even ask to have them removed. If that is you, but you really like the idea of having a sun-filled room, maybe Roof It Right can help.


The number one cause of problems with skylights is poor installation. Anytime that you cut a hole in your roof, it requires special consideration to not only properly seal the opening, but also direct water flow appropriately. The method of installation will depend on the type of skylight being installed. In the video below, Sergei describes the difference between installing a curb skylight and a self-flashing skylight.

A professional roofer with skylight experience will know when to allow room for natural expansion and contraction and when to tighten the seal. Some skylights are made with channels and “weep holes” for water flow. It’s important that debris and leaves not be allowed to block the intended water flow pattern in order to avoid creating leaks. These are some of the things an experienced roofing contractor will keep in mind when repairing and installing skylights.


Just like the windows in your home, your skylight will need to be cleaned occasionally. Cleaning along with maintenance will extend its life. Think about those water channels again. You don’t want dust to build up year after year and cause a leak-causing blockage.

TIP: Don’t use regular window cleaner to clean your skylight. The ammonia in it may damage the polycarbonate or acrylic panes. Mix water with liquid dish soap or white vinegar instead.

Regular inspections, perhaps once a year when you get your gutters cleaned, could catch problems early on. In between inspections, keep a look out for signs of water damage and address them immediately. Inspect your skylights for rust or excessive condescension. If your dual-paned skylight is starting to get foggy, it could be a sign that the seal has been compromised. If you have any concerns about your skylights, book an inspection with Roof It Right today. We’d be glad to take care of you!


Sometimes, it’s better to replace a skylight than to repair it.

We have seen working skylights as old as 20-30 years. But the reality is that most skylights should be replaced after 8-15 years. Its lifespan will depend on the type of material that it’s made of and how well it has been maintained. For example, polycarbonate skylights will last longer than acrylic ones.

Did you know? Skylights are tougher than you might think. They have to withstand an extreme amounts of sun, rain, and temperature changes. That’s why they aren’t actually made out of window glass. Most are either acrylic or polycarbonate panes.

Many things contribute to the wear and tear of a skylight. Natural expansion and contraction separate the glass from the metal frame over time. Metal components rust. Ultraviolet rays work their magic over the years and break things down. The filler material and glue component between the glass and the metal frame deteriorates.

The glass itself can get to a point of no return. For example, the argon gas between double panes can escape and turn the skylight cloudy. Dirt, debris, and even grass can accumulate between the two planes if it is not addressed. At that point, it’s time to think about replacing your skylight.

Skylight Repair Installation Timing

The perfect time to replace your skylight is the same time that you replace your roof. Skylight frames are easily damaged during a roof replacement so it makes sense to be safe and save yourself some headaches by going ahead and replacing the skylight along with the roof. The flashing components that wrap around the skylight should most definitely be replaced. Flashing is almost always damaged during a roof replacement. New flashing ensures that new leaks don’t form.

Most roofers prefer to fabricate their own flashing to install around standard skylights. This lowers cost and avoids delays in installation. However, some manufacturers’ skylights are more complicated and special equipment would be required to fabricate the flashing. In that case, it is more economical to buy the manufacturer’s pre-made flashing kit along with the skylight.

Estimated Skylight Replacement Costs

Standard Size, $100 – $150 per square foot
Custom Size, Upwards of $150 – $200 per square foot

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