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Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Roof it Right’s Team Understands Insurance 

Expert Roof Insurance Claim Guidance in Louisville, KY - Roof It Right Explains

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Navigating the Confusing Insurance Claim Process

Navigating Roof Insurance Claims: Your Guide to What’s Covered by Your Roofer in Louisville, KY

Understanding Your Policy: A Crucial First Step

Before diving into any repair or replacement project with a roofer in Louisville, KY, it’s important to understand what your insurance policy covers and what it doesn’t. Insurance policies can be complex, and coverage often varies based on factors like the age of your roof, the cause of damage, and the specifics of your policy.

Common Coverage Areas:

  • Storm Damage: This typically includes damage from wind, hail, and rain, common challenges addressed by roofing companies in Louisville, KY.
  • Unforeseen Accidents: These are usually incidents that are out of your control, like a tree falling on your roof, a scenario where a skilled roofer in Louisville, KY can be invaluable.

Typical Exclusions:

  • Wear and Tear: General aging and deterioration of your roof are not usually covered.
  • Improper Maintenance: If damage results from neglect or poor maintenance, your policy may not cover it.

Policy Language Insights:

  • Expert Observations, Not Legal Interpretations: While we are not a law firm to interpret insurance policies, our experience as a leading roofing company in Louisville, KY, has given us insights into what terms can be advantageous for homeowners seeking better coverage. We are happy to share our observations with you. And, if needed, we can refer you to an attorney who has assisted many of our clients in navigating these complexities.

Timely Claims: The Key to Full Coverage

Filing your claim in a timely manner is crucial. Delays can lead to further damage and might give insurance companies a reason to deny your claim. Remember, insurers adhere strictly to the timelines mentioned in your policy. Today’s storm damages can become tomorrow’s natural wear and tear or even negligence. In such cases, claims made at the wrong time can become a reason to pay out-of-pocket if you want to keep your policy in place. Prompt action with a roofer in Louisville, KY is essential to ensure your claim is recognized as legitimate storm damage.

The Role of Professional Roofers in Insurance Claims

As a professional roofing company in Louisville, KY, Roof It Right plays a pivotal role in your insurance claims process:

  • Identifying Hidden Damages: Some damages are not immediately visible to the untrained eye. Our experienced roofers in Louisville, KY, can identify these issues, ensuring they are included in your insurance claim.
  • Assessing True Repair Costs: In our over 15 years of business, we use Xactimate, a software made by insurance companies, to understand the fair market price for each line item in a good, reliable roofing system. This approach helps us to negotiate the fair price of roof replacement with insurance companies, using their own language and standards.

Navigating Complex Claims with Confidence

In the world of insurance claims, the presence of a knowledgeable advisor is invaluable. At Roof It Right, a trusted roofing company in Louisville, KY, we stand as your confident advisor, guiding you through these complexities and advocating for your rightful claim.

Consult Us Before Filing a Claim

It’s crucial to get a professional opinion before proceeding with an insurance claim. As a seasoned roofer in Louisville, KY, Roof It Right assists you in navigating the complexities of insurance claims, ensuring that you’re fully aware of your coverage and the necessary steps for a successful claim.

There’s no doubt about it, the insurance claim process can be confusing, stressful, and sometimes, overwhelming. Don’t go through it alone!

Do you want to gamble with your family’s roof with these mistakes:

  • Calling your insurance carrier FIRST, before getting a real estimate from a reputable contractor
  • Accepting the very first offer from your insurance carrier without question
  • Choosing a contractor based on price alone


What’s the difference between successful homeowners
and those who have a bad experience?

Homeowners who gamble with their roof end up with:
  1. A patchy-looking roof — Materials don’t match!
  2. A drop in home value
  3. A roof that fails in a few years
  4. A meaningless warranty 

Successful homeowners who get a roof that they can count on — attractive, code-compliant, with a warranty that actually means something, are the ones who:

  • Research a quality contractor that they trust to do the best work (You only have to pay your deductible, so why settle for less?)
  • Get a reliable estimate from a contractor they TRUST before accepting an insurance offer
  • Work with a contractor that has proven experience with successful insurance claims

The best way to save thousands of dollars is to hire and work with a reputable contractor that will speak for your best interests. Otherwise, you gamble with the integrity and quality of your roofing system. For more information, see our insurance claim process page.

Did you know? We will not ask the insurance company to pay for anything that isn’t legitimate and reasonable. Instead, we help you understand what legitimate and reasonable expenses the insurance company might have missed.

Disputing Denials

Sometimes, even legitimate storm damage claims get denied the first time. But, if your claim is denied, it isn’t necessarily the end! We are experts at determining storm damage and know when we can prove a claim. So work with us, and we will guide you through the steps to ask for a second evaluation. Don’t pay out of pocket for legitimate storm damage! We can help.

Low Insurance Estimates

The biggest hurdle to a successful roof insurance claim is a low payout offer. There are necessary items in a full roof replacement that many insurance companies routinely deny. But a roof is more than shingles. You need a roofing expert on your side during the roof insurance claim process. If your insurance fails to allow funds for code items or things the manufacturer requires, we go to bat for you. We know what a complete roofing system needs, and we know how to help you prove it to the insurance company.


      • Ice and Water Shield
      • Landscaping Protection
      • Interior repair
      • Starter Shingles
      • Hip and Ridge Shingles
      • Flashing
      • Valley Liner
      • Clean-Up
      • Gutter Guards/Helmets
      • Skylights
      • Underlayment
      • Vents

Real Life Example #1

From Gambling with Insurance:

Initially, Mr. A’s insurance company proposed $10,522.73 to replace his roof. However, this roof is fairly steep with multiple valleys that require an underlayment of ice and water guard to roof it right. The insurance’s estimate also neglected special concerns for sealing the opening around the skylight as well as labor costs for protecting Mr. A’s valuable landscaping from damage during the repair.

To Guaranteed Quality!

Our insurance claim department helped Mr. A work with his insurance company for an adjusted estimate of $15,000. In addition, the insurance company also agreed that it was fair and reasonable to pay for interior repairs around the skylight, gutter guard replacement, and replacement of damaged wood on the roof deck.

Total Compensation: $19,499.36.

Ready for an attractive, reliable roof with a genuine warranty? Our experienced project managers are ready to help you! Call us now at 502-622-2226 or fill out the form on our contact page.

Did you know? Some roofing contractors find it easier to take the insurance company’s first offer and then just cut corners or reuse materials to match the estimate. We don’t believe in that. It’s more work for us and a longer process. But you need more than a roof over your head; you need a roof that you can count on.

Real Life Example #2:
From Gambling with Insurance:

In the case of Mr. M, his insurance company agreed to compensate him $32,600.01 for a full roof replacement on his fine home. However, that didn’t include landscape protection and only included gutter guards on one side of the house. Also, a change order had to be filed in order to comply with the manufacturer Owens Corning’s requirements for ventilation and to replace an area of damaged fascia.

To Guaranteed Quality!

Our insurance claim department helped Mr. A work with his insurance company to ensure that all manufacturer’s requirements were followed so that all warranties would be valid. He also got the gutter guards replaced on all four sides of the home instead of just one.

Total Compensation: $35,632.91

Ready for an attractive, reliable roof with a genuine warranty? Our experienced project managers are ready to help you! Call us now at 502-622-2226 or fill out the form on our contact page.

The Difference is the Quality of the End Result
If You Are Going to Roof It, Roof It Right!

Example #3:

From Gambling with Insurance:

Mrs. G was originally awarded $9,437.27 to replace her roof. Later, per her policy, we helped her add their garage to their claim to match the house. It was then discovered that the boards on the roof deck of the garage and the back porch had gaps exceeding 1/2 inch between them! Code requires no more than a 1/4 inch gap between boards. The reason being that with large gaps, there is nothing to nail the shingles down into.

To Guaranteed Quality!

Our insurance claim department supplemented the costs of sheathing to cover the gaps on the porch and garage and added ice and water barrier to the garage for a code-compliant roof.

Total Compensation: $14,187.85

Ready for an attractive, reliable roof with a genuine warranty? Our experienced project managers are ready to help you! Call us now at 502-622-2226 or fill out the form on our contact page.


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