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Roof It Right with Seasonal Specials

Fall Special


Fall Special

Gutter Cleaning for just $199

As the autumn leaves begin to turn, don’t let them turn into a problem for your gutters. Roof It Right is here to ensure that your gutters stay clear, functional, and looking great. With our Fall Special, you can get a complete gutter cleaning for just $199. Limits apply. Call now for details.

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Micro-mesh gutter guards


50% Off Gutter Screens

Save 50% off the full price of Micro-mesh gutter screens when you purchase Gutters and Downspouts for your house! With your new MicroMax Gutter Guards, this may be your last gutter cleaning ever!


Must be scheduled before March 21st. Discount is $100 per roofing square up to $2,000 for a 20-square roof.  Does not apply to roofs with insurance claims. Call for Details.

 Did you know?  Experts agree that it’s actually better to replace your roof in the winter!! Why? Because when roofs are installed during the warmer weather, the asphalt is soft, and roofers damage and scuff the shingles whenever they walk on them. That doesn’t happen in cooler temperatures. So save your shingles AND your money this winter.

* Installing a Roof in the Winter Months

We keep the shingles in a heated warehouse until ready to be installed. Shingles  are carefully handled so as to not bend them. (Below freezing temperatures or high wind chill factors may postpone installation.) Also please be aware that a roof installed in the winter may have a “wavy” appearance. This is normal and expected. Shingles will lay flatter once the sealant warms up and fully seals with rising temperatures.

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Here are the details! Above pricing is for a 1-story home up to 2000 square feet. For a bigger home, call for pricing special. Roof maintenance and repair includes up to 10 pop nails, 10 unsealed shingles and loose flashing. Does not include chimney repair or replace missing or broken shingles. Free enrollment in Storm Monitoring Service is for one year and means that we monitor your area for storms and inspect your roof for free after any major storm event.

Only $450

Free Roof Inspection & Monitoring with purchase of Maintenance and Professional Gutter Cleaning

  • Professional Roof Inspection includes detailed report with photos!
  • Repair Loose Flashing Pieces
  • Repair Popped Nails
  • Replace Unsealed Shingles
  • Secure Loose Vents
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • FREE enrollment in Storm Monitoring Service for one year
A man cleaning out a gutter