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Recent Storm Center


Local Weather Events

This Recent Storm Center allows you to see our log of recent home-damaging weather events that occurred in the greater Louisville area.

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April 13, 2022

Recent Storm Center

  • A quasi-linear convective system (organized line of thunderstorms) coming through our area caused strong gust winds and even some embedded supercells where tornadoes could form. 
  • Southeastern Louisville and counties to the east and south experienced several tornadoes from this storm. The tornadoes ranged from EF-0 (40-72 mph) up to EF-1 (73-112 mph).
  • Roofs were reported to be torn off in the Fern Creek area.
  • Trees were reported down in the Glenmary Subdivision.
  • The tornado in the Fern Creek and Glenmary area was estimated with winds of 95 mph from damage, giving the tornado an EF-1 rating.
  • Hail and high winds hit Mt. Washington.
  • Significant hail reported in Elizabethtown.
  • Tornado warnings in Shelby County and Taylorsville.
  • Large trees down on Bluelick Road completely shut off the road.

March 30, 2022

  •  High winds impacted much of Kentucky including the Louisville area.
  • Winds were present ahead of an advancing cold front.
  • The Louisville International Airport ASOS Mesonet Station reported gusts up to 63 mph.
  • The Bowman Field Airport ASOS Mesonet Station reported gusts up to 68 mph.
  • Damage to roofs and trees were observed as of result from the strong winds.

March 18, 2022

  •  The storms were within the leading line of a cold front.
  • A rotating area within the storm including strong winds entered Jefferson County, causing a tornado warning in Louisville. Tornado sirens were implemented in the city.
  • Louisville International Airport (SDF) within the path of the winds reported a gust of 68 mph.
  • The area of winds tracked to the Northeast from West Point through Prospect.
  • A second area of rotation caused tornado warnings near Elizabethtown
  • Light rain and weaker winds impacted throughout the rest of Jefferson County.

December 11, 2021

  •  The storm is known for the impacts on December 10, but is listed as December 11 because the Louisville impacts were after midnight.
  • An outbreak of severe storms and tornadoes impacted the Ohio River and Mississippi River Valleys, including Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky.
  • The storms were caused by excessively warm moist unstable air in the front of an advancing cold front.
  • Supercell rotation passed over Shepherdsville and Mt Washington, Kentucky, with 60+ mph winds.
  • Winds ranged from 30-40 mph for the rest of Jefferson County.
  • A small EF-0 tornado was reported in Bullitt County.
  • The strongest tornado was the EF-4 (190 mph) wedge tornado that destroyed Downtown Mayfield. This tornado was originally inaccurately labeled as the Quad-State Tornado. The tornado dissipated in Breckenridge County, about 70 miles to the Southwest of Louisville.

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